30 Days Of Minimalism - Home furniture goals

Now let's begin the first category. We're gonna look at is clothing and we're gonna start off day one with the bags purses and wallets. We all hate digging to find our keys or credit cards so once you've emptied it out Try keeping it maintained by completely clearing it out every few days day two is for the clothes themselves Now this might take more than one day and again. That's okay. Take it at your own pace I personally like to use one of Marie Kondos methods.

Which is to clean by category focusing on just one item at a time so in this case?

I'm focusing on just the shirts so pulling them out from all possible locations Whether it's hung or folded and now that they're all in one pile. It's easier to see how many of that one item I might have I then create my yes-no and mamie pile. The no pile gets donated and the maybe pile gets tucked away in a bag or a box For a few months if I haven't found the need to go and retrieve any of the items after the few months have passed then These items get donated as well I then repeat this for other categories of clothing like jeans, And then pajamas tank tops and so on day three is for the undergarments for those underwears Boxers briefs bras or socks with holes missing pairs or that are stretched or too tight the next day We'll look at shoes the ones that are uncomfortable or worn out And day five is for the beauty products this includes makeup perfume hair products skin products worn out hair ties useless bobby pins and nail polish.

Remember that your face and body deserve the best so don't put anything on there that isn't something you love the next day We'll look at accessories like broken watches or belts Earrings that are missing a pair or broken Sunglasses the second category is office and Media supplies so for day seven we're gonna look at things like Magazines and newspapers and manuals these days everything can be found online Whether it's news updates or fashion photos or manuals for our electronic devices the next,

Day 1

looked at notebooks and textbooks, Now I'm guilty of having kept my textbooks for a few years after I graduated hardly ever cracking it open because again. I was able to find most of the things I was looking for online I chose to sell it and I donated the rest

Day 9

is for CDs DVDs and books if they don't spark joy anymore or aren't getting any use I let them go if it's a book I've already read or I'm not getting around to I remind myself that the library has it for whenever I'm ready, and if you still are using a dictionary It's now called Google

Day 10

is for the old or unused electronics this includes computers TVs tablets phones and their cables Maybe even old cameras if it's outdated try to sell it and if it won't be bought remember to recycle responsibly the next day We'll sort through the receipts bills and documents keeping only the items we really need like for tax or warranty purposes And I find that storing the necessary items in an expanding file folder can really help to keep things less cluttered

Day 12

is for stationery supplies I'm talking all over the house Throwing away markers and pens that no longer have ink and donating excess supplies and removing pages and old notebooks, That are no longer needed the third category is for general household items and on

Day 13

We're gonna look at things like linens and towels if you have worn-out sheets pillowcases Towels, or washcloths either toss them or what I often Do is turn them into rags that then can be used in cleaning in the future

Day 14 is for the cleaning products?

Getting rid of the unused ones And I eliminated even more when I switched to using natural cleaning products instead like baking soda vinegar and simple castile soap The next day we're looking at the junk drawer. We all have them Let's find it a home or let it go

Day 16

is for the tops of shelves and drawers now the tops of furniture pieces tend to accumulate items over the year leave some of the decorative or practical pieces that spark joy and remove the rest This will also make cleaning so much easier when the space is less cluttered

Day 17

is for furniture those items that are useless Broken or that just don't go with our style I think we tend to let certain furniture pieces hang around often not even noticing them anymore Just because we've gotten so used to them being there so on this day I want you to look at your space with some fresh eyes and ask yourself if it was my first time seeing this particular item What I love it Or would I purchase it if the answer is no it might be time to let it go and the fourth category We're gonna look at is the kitchen items so for

Day 18

We're looking specifically at the fridge and the freezer clearing out items that are old unused Rotting expired or items that you just don't enjoy eating I've now gotten into the habit of doing this before I load the fridge each time with new groceries the next day We'll look at the pantry or medicine and supplement cabinets again clearing out any unused or expired items And it also helps if you can organize the contents of your pantry into Upcycle jars to keep the items visible which then helps to keep it more organized

Day 20

is for the kitchen cabinets now I've been guilty of hanging on to cracked or smelly Tupperware containers or containers without lids or more butter knives than I need Clear it out and send the reusable items to the thrift store the fixed category is for the phone and computer

Day 21

is looking specifically at the apps deleting the ones we no longer you the next day we'll look at the stored media like pictures videos and messages Clearing out the unnecessary Items and backing up the items we want to keep this should also help to keep our phone running a bit more smoothly

Day 23

is for the inbox this can be a behemoth to start, but once you've finished. It's easier to maintain I always try to keep my inbox near zero deleting the items I no longer need and Placing the emails I do need into their respective folders

Day 24

is a simple one just unsubscribing from any email lists or mailing services that no longer serve me the sixth and final category is Personal and miscellaneous items so for

Day 25

we're looking at photos now I'm all for keeping cherished photos, but sometimes we keep the blurry ones or the multiples that look virtually the same Take a moment and really enjoy flipping through your pictures and remove any of the ones that are just taking up space This is both in hard copy form or the ones that are stored on your electronic devices

Day 26

is for Hobby supplies now It's wonderful to have a hobby and by all means keep everything you need to continue with this creative outlet our focus is just to rid of the items that are no longer useful so for example paint supplies that have dried out or sports equipment that doesn't perform optimally anymore

Day 27

is for the Sentimental items and this can be the hardest category in my opinion These are things like gifts souvenirs stuffed animals or other sorts of collectibles What helps for me again is marine condos method of holding it in my hands and asking myself Does this item spark joy if the answer is no I then donated in hopes that it might spark joy for somebody else

Day 28

is for holiday decorations for those tacky or broken or unused Christmas Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations

Day 29

is for your card if you have one just removing things in the glove compartment Or the trunk or giving it a good wipe down And I've saved the best for last

Day 30

is for our minds Decluttering it and taking this time for ourselves I really want you to schedule this day as a little staycation of sorts where you'll distance yourself from anything That's not adding to your fuel good vibes you've just gone through a whole of decluttering so reward yourself with something relaxing and Enjoyable and once you're done the 30 days you might find that you've entered a flow state so you might be interested in decluttering some

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