Ayurveda: How to boost your immunity ?

#Coronovirus is effecting the world badly So I request you to be safe . encircle yourself with safety With keep yourself safe and be cautious what you eat. Because food may help you in fighting with corona virus.It may play an important role Let's see , Daily routine food habits.

Fruits : Have orange and lemon in good quantity

Vegetables : Use of spinach and tomato should be more preferable.

Eat dry fruits

Strawberries etc .

You can increase your immunity system Let's see , Today we are going to guide you about food habits.That's why I am showing you two type of kadha. They will increase your immunity system and benefits you Let's start , How to make kadha Today we are showing 2 type of kadha in front of you.

It will prevent from coronovirus And it will increase your immunity power So let's start the kadha recipe.

I am using tea pot Now we are adding water Use 6 cup of normal size . Boil the 6 cup of water

These are the dry spices We are going to crushed them, It's cinnamon Clove

Black Cardomon Black pepper You can have 8-10 piece of black pepper for one member.

And have 2-4 clove, Don't use much more. If you have more quantity, It will heat up your body. That's why, You can have according to the given quantity.

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